Your Learning Centre

Your Learning Centre

Welcome to the Learning Centre for the Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists (IASLT). IASLT is committed to supporting continuing professional development (CPD) activities in both SLT-specific professional activities and self-directed learning activities.

Read more more about what is CPD and what your requirements are as per guidelines from the IASLT and CORU.

  • IASLT members are advised to familiarise themselves with CORU’s CPD requirements for Speech and Language Therapists.
  • The IASLT CPD Portfolio will require some editing by members when exported to match the CORU portfolio requirements.
  • CORU’s CPD requirements are subject to change without the prior knowledge of IASLT.
  • It is a member’s responsibility to ensure that they are up to date with requirements at any one time and to ensure that their CPD record reflects CORU’S requirements.

The IASLT Code of Ethics is currently under review and will be available to members shortly.

You will find more information in the sections below. Please note that some resources are available to IASLT Members only.

Please contact our CPD Officer at: with any CPD queries.

Upcoming CPD Events

Register to attend upcoming events. IASLT members can avail of discounted rates for some CPD


Access Recorded Webinars

As part of our commitment to meeting your CPD needs and requests, we now offer access to some of our recent webinars in this section.


Access IASLT Resources

This section of the Learning Centre is dedicated to supporting you as an IASLT Member in your SLT-specific self-directed learning activities.


Postgraduate Opportunities for SLTs

Here IASLT members can access information about postgraduate learning opportunities.


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