IASLT Sub Committees

IASLT Sub Committees

IASLT Standing Committees and Sub Committees consist of IASLT members who volunteer their time to develop the profession on behalf of the association. Volunteering for IASLT is a rewarding experience; it provides opportunities to develop new skill sets and to get to know and collaborate with a community of SLTs working in a broad range of settings around Ireland. When registering or renewing your membership, it is well worth considering signing up to join a committee at some point in your career.

The Professional Standards Standing Committee (PSSC) has oversight over the following sub committees.

The University Accreditation Committee advises on matters pertaining to pre-registration education within the Republic of Ireland.

This involves the accreditation of four courses; degree courses at:

  • Trinity College, Dublin
  • National University of Ireland, Galway
  • University College Cork

and the Masters’ Course at the University of Limerick and any pre-registration courses that may be developed in the future.

See Accredited Courses in Ireland

The Committee advises on matters pertaining to post registration CPD and accreditation of short courses and its remit includes the following:

  • Reviewing and updating standards for Continuing Professional Development
  • Auditing of IASLT members CPD portfolios in line with IASLT CPD Standards
  • CPD Planning to meet the needs of members

  • The key focus of the Student and New Graduate Committee is to support students and new graduates understand IASLT and its role strategy and focus on advocacy.
  • It also provides a unique networking opportunity to help students and new graduates begin their journey in the profession.

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Special Interest Groups (SIG) are professional communities that focus on specific areas.

  • They allow like-minded professionals share knowledge and resources, address issues affecting service delivery, advocate for professionals and service users, and provide leadership.
  • They are an invaluable source of information and support to speech & language therapists working around the country.
  • Joining a SIG allows members connect with other professionals that share their clinical interests, keep up to date with current best practice, interesting courses and study days.

See Special Interest Groups

The 2019 IASLT Conference Committee, at Croke Park Conference Centre May 2019. The most recent IASLT Biennial Conference in September 2021 was hosted online.

The Communications Standing Committee (CSC) has oversight over  the following sub committees.

The Website Committee advises on website administration, maintenance, and development tasks, including the management and prioritisation of tasks for contracted website developers. The tasks include:

  • Interface between IASLT and contracted web-developers. 
  • Developing content for the website.
  • Manage website hosting and security in consultation with contracted website support company.
  • Develop and revising website policies.
  • Supporting skill development in relation to using the website and other web-related queries.

The Advocacy Committee is proactive in promoting the value of the Speech and Language Therapy and strengthening the voice of the SLT profession.

The Committee raises the concerns of its members in appropriate forums and advocates on behalf as SLTs as a profession. Its remit includes preparing Pre Budget submissions and drafting press releases.

The Editorial Committee oversees the publication of the IASLT's peer reviewed journal.