The IASLT is affiliated to the following organisations

The IASLT is affiliated to the following organisations


The Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists (IASLT) is one of the founding members of the International Communication Project (ICP). The ICP seeks and supports cooperation between speech and language therapists and others around the world who share the common goal of raising the profile of communication disabilities.

At the heart of this network is a commitment to the Universal Declaration of Communication Rights. The declaration recognises very simply, but very powerfully, that communication is the most fundamental of human capacities, and the opportunity to communicate is a basic human right.  Find out more about ICP here



IASLT is a member of ESLA  The European Speech and Language Association, formerly known as CPLOL, which is the standing liaison committee of speech and language therapists / logopedists in the European Union.

ESLA is the umbrella organisation for speech and language therapy (SLT) and logopedists associations across Europe.  They currently have 31 member associations, representing over 50,000 SLT professionals.

Find out more about ESLA here





IASLT is a member of the IALP which is a non-political, non-governmental worldwide organisation of professionals and scientists in communication, voice, swallowing , speech language pathology and audiology.

Find out more about IALP here.

MRA Partners 

MRA Partners 

Agreement for the Mutual Recognition of Professional Association Credentials (MRA 2022)

In May 2022, IASLT re-signed the International Agreement of Mutual Recognition of Professional Associations, updating the 2017 agreement with the following associations:

This amended agreement came into effect on 2nd May 2022. If applying for membership of an association who has signed the agreement, IASLT full members may apply through the MRA process. All other membership categories must apply through the associations ‘standard route’.

The MRA route is open to full members of IASLT who hold current membership and who have held continuous full membership for the previous 12 months. IASLT members should contact the professional body of interest directly regarding individual requirements for recognition in that association.